J.K. Simmons Plays a Badass in Awesome Trailer For The Sci-Fi Thriller COUNTERPART

Starz has released a full trailer for their new sci-fi thriller series Counterpart that stars J.K. Simmons and it looks freakin' awesome! Simmons' also gets to play a complete badass! The trailer briefly explains the cool concept:

"Thirty years ago during the Cold War, there was an experiment. Something went wrong, they opened up a passage. When you go through this door, you come out the other side, identical to ours.". Here's the official synopsis:

The whole story revolves around an alternate universe that a secret organization tapped into. The official synopsis offers some additional info: 

The espionage thriller follows a man named Howard Silk (Simmons), a lowly cog in the bureaucratic machinery of a Berlin-based UN spy agency. When Howard discovers that his organization safeguards the secret of a crossing into a parallel dimension, he is thrust into a shadow world of intrigue, danger, and double cross. The only man he can trust is "Prime," also played by Simmons, Howard's near-identical counterpart from this parallel world.

The trailer reveals a bit more to the story as it explains that a killer came through this interdimensional passage into the other world that is targeting and killing people. She's an assassin and Simmons' character has to team up with his alternate universe self to stop her from killing his wife.

This looks like a crazy cool and intriguing series and this trailer got me really excited about watching it!

Counterpart premieres on Starz January 21st, 2018.

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