JODIE Will Be a DARIA Spin-Off Starring Tracee Ellis Ross


Roughly one year ago, it was revealed that MTV was going to be rebooting Daria. Well, it looks like they’ve decided to make a few changes. Instead of a remake/reboot/revival of the original show, it looks like the show will be a spin-off called Jodie.

This spin-off will follow Daria’s friend Jodie Landon and according to Variety, “is described as a satire of the post college workplace and personal adventures of Gen Z.” Jodie will be voiced by Tracee Ellis Ross in the spin-off, and she will also serve as an executive producer.

In addition, it looks like MTV is looking at further expanding the Daria franchise and is planning on creating additional spin-offs.

What do you think of Daria, a spin-off show, creating more spin-off shows all these years later? Will you be watching Jodie?

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