Joe Manganiello, Alan Tudyk, and More are the Cast of THE ANGEL OF VINE Podcast

If you’re a fan of podcasts you may be interested in the news I have for you today. A new scripted podcast called The Angel of Vine is out and not only does it sound really cool, it has an amazing cast. Here’s a quick look at the synopsis:

The Angel of Vine is a noir tale told in true crime style. The “podcaster,” a journalist named Oscar Simons (Oliver Vaquer), is fascinated by cold cases. One of the most infamous is “The Angel of Vine,” a gruesome murder in 1950s Hollywood. Young aspiring actress Marlene Marie Evans was found in a parking lot, her body mutilated and posed, with evidence either nonexistent or destroyed when she was discovered by a stampede of curious onlookers.

The police gave up with no leads, and the case would never be closed… or would it? Ex-cop and private detective Hank Briggs (Joe Manganiello) may have solved the case, but he never told a soul. It’s up to Oscar to search through Hank’s mountain of tapes and clues from more than 60 years ago to uncover the killer.

Manganiello is joined by Misha Collins, Mike Colter, Matthew Mercer, Alfred Molina, Nolan North, Khary Payton, Alan Tudyk, Travis Willingham, and Constance Zimmer. Those are some amazing voices to listen to. You can head on over to iTunes, Stitcher, Play Music, or wherever you listen to podcasts and the first two episodes should be available. Here’s a preview as well as some behind-the-scenes photos.

Via: Nerdist

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