Joey's Top 15 Most Anticipated Films of 2015

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2015 is here, and it's going to be an incredible year of movies. I'm so stoked about a lot of the movies coming out this year, and I thought I should share my fifteen most anticipated films. There are other films aside from these fifteen I'm excited about seeing, but the ones mentioned here hit me with a heightened thrill, so let's run through the list. 

In The Heart of the Sea - March 13th

I'm a big fan of director Ron Howard, and this looks like it could be his biggest and most epic adventure film yet. The story is based on the 1820 event that inspired Moby Dick, following a whaling ship preyed upon by a giant sperm whale. Its crew ends up stranded at sea for 90 days, thousands of miles from home.

Furious 7 - April 3rd

Director James Wan has proven to be an incredible horror movie director with films such as Insidious and The Conjuring. It's going to be so cool to see what he does with an action film like this. This is also the last film Paul Walker made before his death, and fans of the franchise are going to come out in droves to show their support.

Kingsman: The Secret Service - February 13th

Matthew Vaughn has a knack for bringing audiences hardcore, fun and unique action films. This movie looks like it's going to be a ridiculously fun time. It's also going to be great to see Colin Firth in a role where he kicks some major ass! 

Terminator: Genisys - July 1st

As a huge fan of the first two films in the franchise, it's hard not to be excited for this sci-fi action film. The fact that James Cameron loosely contributed to the story, and that Arnold Schwarzenegger is back to reprise his role as an older T-800, intrigues me. I'm also really curious to see how the story plays out, especially since it's connected to the first two movies.

Insidious: Chapter 3 - June 5th

This has become one of my favorite horror film franchises. The first two movies were amazing, and I loved how they seamlessly connected with each other. I have high hopes for this third chapter, and I hope it offers up another great story with some solid scares. 

Inside Out - June 19th


We didn't get a Pixar film in 2014, but fans will be treated to one this year and it looks wonderful. Pixar has a knack for telling good stories, and Inside Out is based on a unique idea that features people's emotions as the main characters. 

Crimson Peak - October 16th

I'm just so freakin' happy that Guillermo del Toro is make another R-rated horror film! This is actually his first American-made horror film, and I'm hoping for complete and utter greatness. The film has been described as a gothic horror haunted house tale, and I'm anxiously awaiting the first trailer. The stuff we were shown at Comic-Con last year looked really good, and I think this movie is going to blow horror fans away.

Tomorrowland - May 22nd

This Disney film started out with a great viral marketing campaign that sparked a lot of interest. From that moment on the project gained a lot of steam, culminating with the release of the first teaser trailer. There's still a lot of mystery and intrigue surrounding the movie, but it looks like it will deliver Disney fans something special. 

Ant-Man - July 17th

Even though Edgar Wright didn't direct the movie, I'm still looking forward to seeing Marvel's vision of the film realized on the big screen. I especially love that fact that Paul Rudd is playing Scott Lang (a.k.a. Ant-Man) in the movie, because it seems like he'll be perfect for the part. While we wait for the actual trailer, here's a hilarious teaser.

Spectre - November 6th

It's James Bond! How can I not be excited about a Jame Bond flick!? The script leaked online, but I haven't read it, so I still don't know very much about this one yet. I've heard certain things about the film from people that have read the script, but I'm trying not to listen or pay attention. I'm just excited that the team that brought us Skyfall is back to give us another 007 movie. 

Jurassic World - June 12th

How cool is it that we are getting another Jurassic Park movie!? The last time I watched Jurassic Park was when it was re-released in IMAX 3D, and it was just as awesome as the first time I saw it. It got me really excited for the potential of Jurassic World, and it looks like the filmmakers developing the sequel are taking the story in the right direction this time around. 

The Hateful Eight - November 13th

This is the western that Quentin Tarantino is making. It takes place in post-Civil War Wyoming, with a group of bounty hunters trying to find shelter during a blizzard. In the process they get "involved in a plot of betrayal and deception." The acclaimed writer/director almost didn't make this film because of the script leaking out online, but I'm so glad he decided to move forward with it. I'm a huge fan of westerns, and Tarantino is the perfect modern day filmmaker to make them.

Mad Max: Fury Road - May 15th

Seriously...have you seen the trailer for this movie? Who wouldn't be excited out of their minds to see it! This is sure to be the most hardcore and badass movie of 2015.

Avengers: Age of Ultron - May 1st

Joss Whedon's Avengers: Age of Ultron is sure to take the Marvel cinematic universe to a new level. It looks like it has the potential to set a new standard for Marvel films, but Marvel always seems to be upping the ante with every new film that they release. I think the footage and images we've been shown from this film at this point is just the tip of the iceberg for what's to come, and I couldn't be more pumped up to see how this story plays out for these characters.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - December 18th

I've been waiting for this film to happen ever since I learned that George Lucas had planned to make Episodes VII, VIII, and IX. I was a teenager when I first heard about that, and the fact that it's actually happening now is still kind of blowing my mind. It's hard to believe that this is the year we are actually going to be able to sit in a movie theater and watch this film unfold before our eyes. I'll probably break down and cry.

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