JOHN CARTER Logos Reveal Andrew Stanton's Planned Franchise

Unfortunately for Disney, John Carter was in no way a box office success. It had good actors and a lot of money was thrown at it, but it just didn’t hit the mark with audiences. Since that time Disney has acquired a classic sci-fi space franchise (Star Wars) that is guaranteed to make their money back for them. Thus John Carter has been left in the dust.

Director Andrew Stanton saw this whole situation going in a completely different direction. He was working on the sequels to film before the first movie had even hit the theaters. 

Recently Stanton Tweeted a couple of logos revealing what he had in store for us. You can check those out below:

"Could have been cool. Had big plans…"

"...That would have led to even bigger plans."

I feel bad for the guy because the concept of John Carter was cool, and it is not like Stanton isn’t a talented guy. It's what it is, and he's currently working on a sequel for Pixar that everyone in the freaking world is excited for, Finding Dory. However, I have what can be considered the unpopular wish, and that is that I could get a peek at what he had in store for us in his continuing saga of John Carter.

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