John Cena Seems To Be Campaigning For The Role of Captain America in the MCU


With Chris Evans leaving the role of Captain America behind after Avengers 4, there’s another actor that seems to be interested in taking on the mantle of the superhero. Over the weekend, John Cena posted the following image on Instagram:

This has obviously lead fans to speculate that there’s something going on with Cena’s possible involvement with Captain America. I think he’s just letting the world know that he’s interested in playing another version of the character in the MCU.

We have no idea what the plan for Captain America is once Evans is gone, but I just assumed we probably won’t see another version of Steve Rogers in the MCU. I don’t think they’ll recast the character. But, they might use another existing character to fill the role. We just don’t know who that might be.

Regardless, I think John Cena taking on the role of Captain America is just wishful thinking.

But, just for the sake of conversation, if Marvel was looking to recast Steve Rogers’ version of Captain America, what do you think of John Cena in the role? Do yiou think he’s be a good choice? If not, who would you cast in the role?

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