John Cusack and Christina Ricci to Star in Cyber Thriller DISTORTED

Minds Eye Entertainment has recently started working on a new project starring John Cusack and Christina Ricci, and it seems pretty interesting.

The film is called Distorted, and it's about an artist (Ricci) who suffers from bi-polar disorder, and who recently lost her child. She and her husband move into a high-tech apartment complex. The owner, however, might have some dark plans of his own for his tenants, involving subliminally controlling them, so Ricci asks for help from an investigative journalist played by Cusack.

It also will star Brendan Fletch and is written by Arne Olsen and directed by Rob W. King. Overall, it sounds interesting. A great deal will depend on the style of filming. I think a story like this with a cyber conspiracy could be a great idea, especially since there haven't been many of those movies as of late. We'll have to see when it is released. 

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