Joker and Harley Quinn Valentine Art - This Love Is Madness

Here's a humorous Valentine's Day inspired illustration featuring The Joker and Harley Quinn. It was created by artist Abraham Lopez, and it's called "This Love is Madness." Here's a note from the artist, 

There is someone for everyone, is what I get when I look at this relationship. It could be a bit abusive and one sided at times, but it's love.  

I had sketched this out on the weekend and thought it would be appropriate to post it on Valentine's day. I'm still playing around with a specific look for how I want to draw Joker. I did know that I wanted to draw him with his hat, just because you don't see him wear it nowadays.  A beat and tied up Robin was one of the original ideas when first sketching this, but I also tried having Joker hold a bag of money as if he had just came bank from some successful robbing. Then I showed my friend the sketches and he reminded me that Joker wasn't one for stealing money really, but he sure does like to kill Robin's. Even though I see Damian being too tough and bad ass to be kidnapped, I just drew him there anyways because I try to find every opportunity to draw the kid.

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