Beautiful Chaos - Female Joker Art by Sakimichan

With all the hubbub over Jared Leto’s Joker transformation, it seems like a good time to feature another take on Batman’s greatest villain. The lovely art you see above is by artist Sakimichan, and it features a far sexier take on the green haired crazy. You might notice an uncanny resemblance to Emma Watson, but don’t construe that as a complaint, far from actually, but it is more than noticeable. Sakimichan’s art is just so lively and energetic, with every bolt of color just crackling off your screen.

Sakimichan also posted her male version of Harley on twitter, and they certainly do make a fitting, if heavily unstable, pair.

If you’re interested in supporting Sakimichan’s artwork, you can support the patreon here, and to find more fantastic art, you can head here.

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