Jon Bernthal Says Punisher Would Beat Batman in a Fight, Plus New PUNISHER Set Photos

Seeing Punisher go toe to toe with Batman in a fight would be a pretty badass brawl. Both are extremely skilled vigilantes, but each has different ethics when it comes to getting the job done and taking lives. 

A video recently surfaced of actor Jon Bernthal doing a Q&A at New York Comic-Con, and one of the questions was who would win in a fight between Punisher and Batman and before the question could even be finished, Bernthal answered with Punisher. 

It's really not surprising that that would be his answer, after all, he does play Punisher. If he were playing Batman, then his answer would have most likely been Batman. But it's a good question for all of us. Who do you think would win a fight? 

I love both characters so much, but The Punisher is willing to do things that Batman isn't, which kind of gives him the edge. Batman could certainly slow him down, but in the end, Punisher has the grit and insanity needed to take down Batman if he wanted to. What do you think?

Also! Some new photos from the set of the series The Punisher have surfaced online that you can see below the video of Bernthal answering questions. In the photos we see Frank Castle hiding out as he makes contact with Karen Page.

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