Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn Join Crime Thriller TERM LIFE

Via: Deadline

Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn are teaming back up for a new film called Term Life. The two actors have been making movies together since Rudy, but both actors made a name for themselves with the movie Swingers

Term Life is set up at Universal Pictures, and it's a crime thriller in which Vaughn plays a "thief-for-hire who takes his estranged daughter (Hailee Steinfeld) on the lam when a heist goes bad. Hunted by mob bosses, contract killers and dirty cops, he takes out a life insurance policy on himself to leave something for his kid. One problem: It doesn’t take effect for 21 days."

Production is scheduled to start soon and Vaughn and Favreau's friend and colleague Peter Billingsley (Couples Retreat) will direct. The screenplay was written by A.J. Lieberman, who also wrote the graphic novel that the movie is based on.

It will be great to see these two actors working alongside each other again on the big screen. Favreau most recently directed and stars in a film he wrote called Chef

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