Jon Favreau’s Thoughts on Marvel Replacing Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man

When Robert Downey Jr.’s contract was coming to an end with Marvel there was a lot of talk about if Marvel would replace him with another actor. Even Kevin Feige at one point said that they would consider replacing him just like the actor playing James Bond has been replaced several times over the years.

At this point, it's really hard to imagine anyone else stepping in the shoes of Tony Stark, and I don’t think it would work at all. The studio just needs to keep getting Downey Jr. on board to be in these films until they retire the character or kill him off. While talking to IGN about this, Jon Favreau explained that why he doesn’t think Marvel should replace him:

“I can’t imagine how they could but that doesn’t mean that they can’t. I just can’t wrap my head around that one. To me he’s the one element that has unified all of it, and I think kept a consistent tone, and the integrity of his acting ability and his talent really works wonderfully synergistically with the Marvel universe. I think that his personality is something which helps define it. That being said, nothing would surprise me, but for me it would be a hard pill to swallow and big shoes to fill.”

I agree 100%. What do you think about Favreau’s opinion and casting a new Iron Man?

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