Jon M. Chu to Direct 1990s Dance Movie CAN’T TOUCH THIS

Jon M. Chu, the director of the Step Up films and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, is set to develop a new movie project called Can’t Touch This. As most of you know, that is the name of a popular song written by M.C. Hammer. The film is a high school dance comedy that will be set in the 1990s. Having grown up as a teenager in the '90s, the thought of a dance movie called Can’t Touch This made me laugh. I’m glad to hear that it’s going to be a comedy because hard to imagine a movie with a title like that could be taken seriously, unless they tackle it like films such as Dazed and Confused or American Graffiti. Those both had a good balance of drama and comedy.

Chu is definitely the best man for the job. This seems to fit in with the kind of films he like to make. He most recently finished shooting the feature film adaptation of Jem and the Holograms

There’s no word on what the story will entail, but judging from the title it’s easy to guess what the vibe of the film will be. Chu teamed up with Happy Endings, The Goldbergs, and Community writers Annie Mebane and Steve Basilone to write the script. 

I really want this to be a fun movie that brings out the nostalgia in those of us who grew up during this awesome era. An era that gave us big baggy pants, neon colors, the running man, the worm, Reebok Pumps, flannel shirts, M.C. Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Nirvana, and more.

Source: Deadline

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