Jonathan Frakes Reveals Pretty Big STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Story Spoiler

This past weekend, a few of the stars from Star Trek: The Next Generation reunited for a panel during the Star Trek-themed Continuing Voyage Tour convention in Chicago. Those stars included Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Denise Crosby and Jonathan Frakes.

During the panel, Frakes, who is a director on the new Star Trek: Discovery series, spilled the beans on a story element that one of the Discovery episodes will focus on. If you don't want to know what that story entails, don't read ahead!

According to the former Commander Riker, one of the episodes of Discovery will include the Mirror Universe! Here are is a tweet that was posted from one of the fans in attendance revealing the news, which was later confirmed by Trek Movie:

He also went on to say that the pilot episode for the series is "amazing".

This means that Discovery will be the fourth Star Trek series to play with the Mirror Universe. It's also was featured in the Original Series, Deep Space Nine, and Enterprise. If you're not familiar with the Mirror Universe, Trek Movie offers a good breakdown:

The Mirror Universe is an iconic part of Star Trek which was introduced during the second season of The Original Series. In the episode “Mirror, Mirror” written by Jerome Bixby, Captain Kirk, Lieutenant Uhura, Dr. McCoy and Scotty were transported into a parallel universe due to a transporter accident. This Mirror Universe had a dark and brutal Terran Empire in place of the peaceful United Federation of Planets and it took all their wits, and a little help from a the bearded Mr. Spock of that universe to return them home. 

I think it's pretty cool that the Mirror Universe will be revisited and I'm curious to see what story the creative team built around it with these new characters. Since the new series takes place prior to the events of the original series, the characters from Discovery will be the first from the Star Fleet Federation to come across the Mirror Universe. 

Are you excited to hear that the Mirror Universe will be making a comeback in the new Trek series?

I also included a new promo spot for the series for you to watch below!

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