Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Set To Star In a Terrorism Thriller Called 7500

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is set to star in an upcoming terrorism plane thriller called 7500. According to Deadline, he is replacing Paul Dano, who was previously attached to the project. 

The intense film will take place in the cockpit of an airplane that has been taken over by terrorists. The story will follow Tobias Ellis (Gordon-Levitt), who is a co-pilot during an airline hijacking at 30,000 feet.

I'm a big fan of Gordon-Levitt and his film work and this sounds like it will be a great project for him to be a part of. The actor was last seen in the film Snowden. He also has an upcoming comedy musical with Channing Tatum called Wingmen that he stars in and directs.

The movie is being directed by first-time feature film director Patrick Vollrath from a script that he wrote. Vollrath was nominated for an Oscar last year for a live-action short film he directed called Everything Will Be Okay

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