Josh Boone Is Talks to Write and Direct THE VAMPIRE LESTAT

The Fault In Our Stars director Josh Boone is in talks write and direct the big screen adaptation of Anne Rice's novel The Vampire Lestat. The news comes from The Wrap who says producers Brian Grazer, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci have all signed off signed off on Boone's hiring, but nothing is set in stone. 

Universal recently acquired the rights to all of Rice's novels in The Vampire Chronicles series and they will be developed under Imagine Entertainment's banner. The Vampire Lestat will be the first of many of the books that will get adapted for the big screen. 

The report goes on to say that "rather than a remake of Interview With the Vampire, the new film is expected to draw from the second and third books in Rice's series — The Vampire Lestat and The Queen of the Damned — and will likely be faithful to the source material." Here's a description of the second book in the series:

As with the first book in the series, the novel begins with a frame narrative. After over a half century underground, Lestat awakens in the 1980s to the cacophony of electronic sounds and images that characterizes the MTV generation. Particularly, he is captivated by a fledgling rock band named Satan’s Night Out. Determined both to achieve international fame and end the centuries of self-imposed vampire silence, Lestat takes command of the band (now renamed “The Vampire Lestat”) and pens his own autobiography. The remainder of the novel purports to be that autobiography: the vampire traces his mortal youth as the son of a marquis in pre-Revolutionary France, his initiation into vampirism at the hands of Magnus, and his quest for the ultimate origins of his undead species.

It's been a long time since I read The Vampire Lestat, but I do remember that I loved it. Boone is a solid director, and I think he would be a great choice for the film if he's hired. 

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