Josh Brolin Says Thanos is Much Deeper Than Expected in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

Josh Brolin has been sitting around being Thanos in the MCU since 2012. We really know very little about what was going to go down in Avengers: Infinity War. And apparently, neither did he. But as Brolin has come into the role and embraced it, he's been rather surprised as to how smart Thanos actually is.

While at D23, Brolin talked a bit about his experience finally getting to really play Thanos for more than just a few seconds as an after credit scene. Apparently, it's pretty heavy stuff.

"There's times where it can become psychological, and not necessarily brute force. More interesting for adults now, maybe not for kids."

This is quite an interesting thing to hear. Marvel has been pretty kid friendly, even with it's darker films. And when you look at Thanos, you don't really think super smart. I'm glad to hear that we might be in for more than just epic fight sequences. Brolin continues.

"It's a really smart movie. He's a smart character. I had no idea, in all truth. I had no idea, when I did the teaser, we had like thirty-six cameras or something, and I sat on a seat, and it wasn't working with anybody. And now, being actually involved and interacting [with] the potpourri of characters that are in it, it's way more emotional and interactive than I thought. It's a lot of fun and a lot deeper than I thought. A lot more emotional than I thought."

That sounds like a big compliment from Brolin. A lot of comic book movies are just very silly and plain. Good vs Evil and Good wins in the end. But, from the sounds of it, Infinity War seems to be a much heavier film than your average comic book fare. Here's to hoping that it is. There needs to be more movies out there legitimizing comic books, instead of proving how dumb they are like Logan.

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