Josh Brolin Talks About GOONIES 2 with Jimmy Fallon

Josh Brolin showed up on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night and while he was there he discussed all the talk of a Goonies sequel. This is a movie a lot of people have been talking about, including Sean Astin and director Richard Donner. Donner has said several times that the sequel is going to happen, and that it will come from a story created by Steven Spielberg.

Brolin says that he hears about a sequel every five years or so, and he doesn't quite believe it will happen. If it does though he's ready and willing to do it, but jokes that by the time it actually happens he'll be in a walker. It's also the 30 anniversary of the original Goonies film, and they talk about that as well. One of the coolest parts about the interview is when Brolin sports a red bandana like the one he wore in the 1985 adventure film. Check out the interview below!

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