Josh Gad Says He Hasn't Been Cast As The Penguin, He's Just Messing Around

Art by  BossLogic

Art by BossLogic

After a couple weeks of speculation, Josh Gad has officially come clean. Gad tells MTV News (via Comicbook) that his tweet about the character was just a little fun:

“Just having some fun! Really, I promise! There’s nothing to...there’s no there there. The internet just goes wild. I’m just having some fun putting things out there.”

Gad goes further to say he's never met director Matt Reeves but he's a big fan of his work. He also throws in that if Reeves is interested, he's down to play The Penguin:

"I would absolutely love to play the Penguin in the Batman movie. There’s nothing more we need to talk about. It’s all...we’ll see. You know, it’s all we’ll see. Putting it out into the ether!”

Well, I suppose that's that for now. When will we ever get some more details about the new Batman film?!

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