Joss Whedon Announces "Victorian Female Batman" Comic TWIST

Yesterday, Joss Whedon announced his next big project, and it's not a TV series or a movie! He will be developing a six-issue comic series called Twist, which he describes as a "Victorian female Batman." 

He began by talking about his experience on working with Marvel saying, "I feel like, five years ago, a tornado ripped up my house and dropped it in the land of Marvel," he joked. "It's been a weird time."

He then announced the comic series saying that he wanted "to get back to something I loved very much, which is putting my hand to a comic book again." He then described it in a simple sentence saying, "It basically deals with the most important question there is, which is...why isn't there a Victorian female Batman?"

The preview art above was created by Julian Totino Tedesco, but no release date was given.

Later, Whedon was presented with Comic-Con's Icon Award in recognition of his contributions to popular culture. In his acceptance speech, he said:

"This is honestly the most beautiful murder weapon I've ever gotten, and the fact that they so beautifully scratched out 'J.J.' and wrote in my name. I didn't expect to get moved by it, but I really am. Thank you, this means an enormous amount to me."

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