Joss Whedon is Rumored To Also Be Changing The End of JUSTICE LEAGUE

A new rumor has surfaced from regarding Joss Whedon's Justice League reshoots. We know that Whedon is bringing a lot of changes to the film. It was recently confirmed that a lot of the reshoots involve giving the movie a lighter tone, which is what most fans suspected. 

Now, according to /Film, we've learned that there's another big change that Whedon is bringing to the film. Apparently, the ending of the film was completely changed so that it didn't leave the audience with a cliffhanger, which was apparently the original plan. According to Peter Sciretta:

"From what I've heard is happening, Joss Whedon has been brought in to make it lighter, as has been reported, but he's also redoing the ending of the movie"

He goes on to offer details on how things were originally supposed to go down, saying:

"Originally this movie is all about the Mother Boxes Ya know. The bad guys are trying to get the Mother Boxes. Steppenwolf is trying to get the mother boxes and he's trying to get the earth ready for the coming of Darkseid. And the original ending of the movie from what I understand was, he was kind of playing the Silver Surfer role, with Darkseid playing the Galactus role, and the ending of the movie was a cliffhanger and Justice League 2 was going to be Justice League vs Darkseid, Ya know, Darkseid arrives at Earth. This kind of down, dirty ending and from what I understand that has been completely removed. The ending ends the movie like a movie. It doesn't end on a huge cliffhanger now."

The other reshoots that were planned were to give the villain Steppenwolf more background in the movie, which is why they brought in Robin Wright's Wonder Woman character Antiope.

"They did a reshoot with Robin Wright from Wonder Woman, and that's going to be, to setup a flashback explaining who Steppenwolf is and Steppenwolf is now the big bad of this movie, whereas Darkseid was this looming threat that won't now come I don't think."

That's interesting. I wonder why they decided to take a step back with Darkseid. This leaves the next Justice League film open for any villain. If they want to bring Darkseid in, though, they still can. Maybe they have a better story for the villain that didn't have to involve him showing up in the first Justice League movie. 

Whatever the case may be, I'm still looking forward to the movie. I know some fans are thinking the film could turn out to be a complete mess, but I'll remain optimistic because I want Justice League to be good!

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