Joss Whedon is Still Directing BATGIRL Regardless of the Rumors

A new rumor recently surfaced regarding Joss Whedon's involvement with Batgirl. A lot of fans were excited to hear that Joss Whedon would be directing a Batgirl movie, but that excitement may have died down a bit since Justice League was released. 

According to an untested fan site called Super Bro Movies, Warner Bros. reportedly no longer wanted Whedon to direct Batgirl. They offered two reasons behind this. First, there has been some negative press involving his personal life. His ex-wife recently revealed some of the things that he had done saying that he is a "hypocrite preaching feminist ideals." With all of the sexual harassment allegations exploding in Hollywood right now, I could see how this might be an issue. But, it didn't stop them from bringing him in to direct Justice League.

The second reason they give is the fact that the studio wasn't really happy with Whedon's work on Justice League. Even though it seems like the whole production was plagued with behind-the-scenes issues. None of these rumors are true.

According to EW, Joss Whedon is still on board to direct Batgirl. They say in their report:

Sources close to the Batgirl production say that The Avengers director is currently at work on the script and remains attached to direct as well. Of course, things could change — top talents get replaced on projects all the time. But as of now, as Dr. Horrible might say, the status is quo.

This makes more sense, as Joss Whedon is a talented director, who has made some great films that have made a ton of money. He also has a huge fanbase. But, he has been getting a lot of hate from the DC fans, but I doubt a studio would fire him over fan hate.

The report goes on to say that the untitled Batgirl movie is based on the Batgirl story that was first unveiled in DC Comics in 1967. 

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