Joss Whedon on Directing CAPTAIN MARVEL and His Female Batman Movie Idea

Joss Whedon may not come back to direct Avengers: Infinity War, but maybe there’s another Marvel film he’d be up for directing. How about Captain Marvel? Whedon is known for creating powerful female characters, so it would be cool to see him bring Marvel’s first female-driven movie to the big screen.

In an interview with BuzzFeed he was asked if he would take on Captain Marvel if given the opportunity, and this was his vague response:

“Um, I would never rule anything out, because I like working here. By the same token, the biggest thing for me is that I need to do something that I create myself. It’s been way too long since I created a universe… Captain Marvel I don’t know as well. There have been a few [versions] of her. I have the first issue of Ms. Marvel, back when she was that, and had the Farrah hair. My only issue with her is that she always felt sort of on top. She was very driven. A winner. I always like to dig into the soil of things to find my heroes, if I can.”

It seems like Whedon directing Captain Marvel is a long shot, but if it happens, there’s no doubt that fans would be overjoyed. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if Marvel ended up hiring a female director to tackle this character. The studio has been getting a lot of heat from some of their fans because they haven’t made a female led film yet. It’s finally happening, and hiring a female director to take on the challenge of bringing it to life might make those fans even happier.

We're most likely going to Whedon develop an original project after Age of Ultron. So what kind of project does Whedon plan on creating? He offers the following female Batman idea:

“I will say that when I was thinking about, Well, if I wasn’t going to do Avengers 2, what would I want to do? — of course the first thing I thought of was “turn-of-the-century female Batman.” Not Batman actually. But, you know, something cool. One person. Can’t stress that enough. Movie about one person — not a team, not 10, just one. But [I would] do a nice sort of hard action movie that combined all my favorite things. Something that would be the love child of Sam Fuller and Edward Gorey. You know, I’ve had many thoughts since then. Oh, I could do this! Oh, I could do that! But it is my instinct to want to tell those stories.”

There’s nothing that is official about this project pitch, but I hope he gets to do it. I’d rather see him make that movie than Captain Marvel. It's exactly the kind of badass movie that fans would expect Whedon would make.

Would you like to see Whedon direct Captain Marvel or his female "Batman" film? Who would you like to see direct Captain Marvel if not Whedon?

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