Joss Whedon Says Henry Cavill Is The Best Superman Since Christopher Reeve; What Do You Think?

Avengers and Justice League director Joss Whedon recently took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Henry Cavill’s version of Superman. He proclaimed that Cavill is the best Superman since Christopher Reeve.

I don’t know many people would argue with that statement. I loved Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel, but it’s what he says after that, that has been drawing criticism from fans. They certainly let him have it, but he opened the door to the criticism. I guess he missed the hate? You can read through some of those angry tweets below.

He says, that Cavill could even be even better than Reeves with “the right material”. I’ve always said that he needed the right story, script, and director to reach his full potential, but obviously a lot of fans don’t see Whedon as the person to do it.

Here are the tweets that he sent out:

Personally, Reeve will always be my favorite Superman. He brought something special to the role that no one else will be able to replicate. But, I would like to see Cavill come back for another shot at Superman. I just doubt it’s going to happen.

Below you will find a bunch of tweets from the fans who felt the need to lash out against Whedon:

What do you think about Whedon’s statement? Do you think Cavill is a better Superman than Reeve? Do you think he could be? Or none of the above?

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