Julia Stiles Returning to BOURNE 5 With Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass

Actress Julia Stiles had a nice run of films in the early 2000s, but she had a little bit of a drop off following her supporting turn on the Showtime drama Dexter in 2010. Some may argue she's best known for movies like Ten Things I Hate About You and Save The Last Dance, but I'd say her most popular movies were the ones in the Bourne franchise. She played Agent Nicky Parsons in the first three films (she sat out the Jeremy Renner-led Bourne Legacy), and now Deadline is reporting that the actress will reprise that role in the upcoming Bourne 5.

Despite neatly wrapping up the lead character's storyline in The Bourne Ultimatum, director Paul Greengrass and star Matt Damon are coming back to the franchise for a still-untitled sequel. No word yet on any other major players returning, but I have my fingers crossed that Joan Allen comes back as Pamela Landy.

The details of this movie are still very secretive, but we should be finding out a lot more in the coming months as it moves closer toward production for a July 29th, 2016 release date. Interested in seeing Stiles return to the franchise?

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