Julie Newmar Catwoman Maquette is Purrrrfect

Ahh puns, they are indeed a wonderful thing.

While there were 3 different actresses who played the femme fatale known as Catwoman on the 1966 Batman series, most people associate the part with Julie Newmar, and rightfully so (though I do look back on the Eartha Kitt time fondly). She embraced the over-the-topness of it all and looked gorgeous while doing it.

Turns out the guys and gals at Tweeterhead are also huge fans of the show, hence we have this gorgeous Catwoman Maquette as a result, and it truly is beautiful. The Maquette bears an uncanny resemblance to the brunette beauty and comes in at 11.5 inches high, complete with an Egyptian style cat statue propping her up. If you head to their official site you can put in an order for the exclusive emerald edition as well, which features the emerald green jewel instead of the normal diamond colored version. Tweeterhead really outdid themselves, and if you feel the same way you can pre-order yours now and can expect it to land on your doorstep sometime this August.

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