JURASSIC PARK Remade by Kids in 1993

With Jurassic World blowing up at the box office this weekend, the internet has been flooded with all kinds of Jurassic Park awesomeness. Today we bring you an adorable video from a couple of kids who remade the Steven Spielberg classic in 1993 with Jurassic Park action figures, toys, and and hand drawn backdrops. It’s probably the first-ever sweded remake of the film. 

The video was made by David Chakrin and Michael Raisch (who grew up to be a filmmaker), and they did a pretty fantastic job. I used to do this stuff all the time when I was a kid. I made a my own G.I. Joe and Star Trek films using my action figures. They are embarrassing as hell, but I sure did have fun making them!

The two Jurassic Park fans managed to condense the whole film down into a six-minute video and still hit all of the major plot points. It’s worth checking out when you get a chance. It really brings nostalgia for being a kid when the first movie was released and how we felt after we watched it. Thanks to Raisch Studios for the video!

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