JURASSIC WORLD 2 Won't Have a $260 Million Budget

Update: /Film has a source close to the Jurassic World 2 production that tells them "development hasn’t even reached a point where a budget can be finalized," and their source says "the budget will not be anywhere near $260 million." No word whether the comments from Bayona were merely mistranslated or made up entirely. Our original article follows.

The Jurassic World sequel will have a budget of over $100 million more than its predecessor, according to Spanish magazine El Pais Seminal. They spoke with director J.A. Bayona, and he revealed the new film would be receiving a $260 million dollar budget, which is considerably larger than Jurassic World's $150 million. 

Who knows what you can do with a quarter of a billion dollars of CGI money, but were gonna find out come 2018! Maybe Chris Pratt will be able to work with LIVE raptors?! Let's just hope they aren't setting themselves up for a massive flop like John Carter was with its similar budget.

Via: Scified

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