JURASSIC WORLD - First Supposed Photo of a Velociraptor

The photo above recently surfaced online, and apparently it's our first look at one of the animatronic Velociraptor's that will be used in director Collin Trevorrow's Jurassic World. The photo came with the following caption:

This is an actual Velociraptor for the upcoming film Jurassic World! #jurassicworld #dinosaur #universalstudios #StevenSpielberg #Velociraptor #HYPE

There's not real way to confirm its authenticity at this point, but it looks like it could be the real deal. Legacy Effects is the group that is currently working on the animatronic Dinosaurs in the movie, and they are based in California, where the photo above was supposedly taken.

Jurassic World will be released in theaters June 12th, 2015. Whether this is part of the movie or not, these Velocirators will be back in the franchise to wreak havoc!

Source: Scified

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