Justice League and Suicide Squad Squaring Off in DC Comics

Two of DC's biggest current franchises will be facing off in DC Comic's Justice League vs. Suicide Squad. The news comes from the Wall Street Journal, who also revealed some exclusive artwork for the upcoming miniseries:

The series will be six issues long. Two issues will come out in December, and four more will release in January. The whole story will revolve around Batman's decision to take down Amanda Waller and her villain team, considering them "unnecessary" in a JL world. Joshua Williamson, current writer for The Flash, will be heading up the series. 

Other details mentioned that each character will get their "moment" in the series, but a bulk of the story will belong to a few key characters. One of the primary characters mentioned was Killer Frost, who is new to the Suicide Squad. 

I've been hearing great things about the DC Rebirth event, so maybe it's time for me to start getting into it! Anyone have any suggestions as to where I should start? 

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