BATMAN: HUSH Director Hopes to Bring the NO MAN'S LAND Storyline to the DCEU With Robert Pattinson on Board


Justin Copeland has finished one Batman movie and would like to move onto a second one. His first was the animated movie Batman: Hush; now he would like to direct a live action version of the Batman storyline “No Man’s Land."

The story is one that DC comic book fans know. No Man’s Land revolves around a Gotham City that has been cut off from the rest of the world due to a massive earthquake. Everyone that was on the island of Gotham is left to fend for themselves.

Thanks to Popcorn Talk (via for the interview with Copeland. This is what he said about doing a live action film with Robert Pattinson as The Caped Crusader.

It would definitely be No Man’s Land," said Copeland. "If I had carte blanche, like, you can do whatever you want, I wanna tell the No Man’s Land story from the angle of Cassandra Cain. I would love it, that would be a dream. Heck yeah. If I got a live action and they say you can point your finger…

I like Robert Pattinson," he added. "Sorry, I’m a filmmaker. And as a film director, I see that dude as a very -- as an incredible actor. You wanna be able to get on set and not have to worry about your right flank. When you can get a superstar actor like that, which I think he is, you are lucky. I would use him.

I totally understand that Matt Reeves will probably direct the three films that Pattinson is contracted for, but I would love to see him do this film in some form. I may be easily excited. Let us know what you think.

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