Karl Urban Reportedly Confirms DREDD 2 Is in Development

This past weekend, Karl Urban appeared at Denver Comic Con, and apparently during his panel he revealed some exciting information regarding Dredd 2

According to ScienceFiction.com, the actor was asked if he would do a sequel to Dredd even if it was poorly written just for the money. Urban joked about how he needed a new house and then said:

"Yes. ‘Dredd 2′ is in development."

I have no idea if this information is legit or not. I haven't seen it reported anywhere else, but if a Dredd sequel is in development...awesome! The actor recently said that he would like the sequel to Dredd to continue as a series on Netflix or Amazon.

There's no other information given, but Dredd 2 being in development could mean several things. It could involve people coming up with a story, writing the script, conversations going on with between talent or other things. When the project actually goes into production, that's when it's time to get extremely excited. 

The reason a Dredd sequel hasn't been a slam dunk is because the first movie released in 2012 didn't do very well at the box office. That's because the marketing for the film sucked ass. The movie eventually found its audience on DVD and Blu-ray. 

Urban went on to add that now there's an "interest from established creatives and that he would do the sequel if he felt it had depth and substance."

When Dredd 2 finally does happen, the fans better show up and represent! Otherwise, we'll probably never see another Dredd film or series again.

Update: Urban tweeted this update early this morning. Sounds like the door is technically still open, but there's no significant movement at this time:

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