Keegan-Michael Key Says KEY & PEELE Could Return One Day

Along with Parks and Recreation, one of the shows I miss the most that's ended over the past few years is Comedy Central's Key & Peele. The show was absolutely brilliant (though it dropped a bit in quality during its last season), and being able to tune in every week and be able to get these guys' unique outlook of the world was something I looked forward to in a big way.

It's been nearly a year since their show went off the air, and in the meantime, the title duo reunited for KeanuJordan Peele has gone off to make a horror movie, and Keegan-Michael Key plays a big role in a drama about improv comedy called Don't Think Twice. But in a great new interview with Uproxx, Key says that not only is is possible that Key & Peele comes back one day, but that it's actually probable:

I think it’s absolutely possible. Absolutely possible. I, and I cannot speak for my partner, I would say that it’s probable. Maybe what it is is that Jordan and I, you know, we made Keanu, we make another film. We make another film, and then maybe our fourth film is a sketch film. Like you said, it’s still so fresh. We haven’t discussed this or talked about it. But that’s something that I would welcome. That I would welcome. I would really enjoy doing that.
Now, the only other very germane thing to discuss, would be why are we doing this? What would the reason for doing it be? So I’d have to share my criteria with Jordan and that criteria, of course, would develop over the next decade, wouldn’t it? And he would have to share his criteria with me. We could figure out, together, what situation would be better.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing what these guys do in their careers both separately and together, but being such a big fan of the show, I have to admit that the idea of these guys reuniting for more episodes sounds really fun. But as mentioned in that interview, maybe the best way to go about it would be to make a sketch movie instead of committing to a whole new season of television. But perhaps without the time constraints of typical year-in, year-out TV seasons, they could take their time making it and drop a bunch of great new episodes on us with no warning. Either way, I'm just glad we'll be seeing more of these guys in the future in any capacity, because they're awesome.

If you've never seen the show, or missed a few episodes, you can now watch all of Key & Peele legally online for free.

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