Keith David Wants Disney's GARGOYLES Rebooted and He Shares His Favorite Moment From the Show


Out of all of the animated Disney properties getting live-action remakes, they aren’t doing anything with the one everyone wants to actually see… Gargoyles! I’m not sure what that’s about, but it’s ridiculous.

It’s been almost 25 years since Gargoyles debuted, and it’s one of the greatest animated series ever made. During a recent interview with Goliath voice actor Keith David, he talked a little bit about the series and said he would love to be a part of a reboot if it ever happened.

"You know, those of us who were involved from the beginning... I've always wondered why they stopped it in the first place. [We've wondered] why we haven't come back to a reboot? I mean, I would love nothing more than to revisit Goliath. You know, he was absolutely one of my very, very, very, very favorite characters. I've always maintained that when I grow up, I want to be like Goliath."

Yeah, I think any of us who grew up watching this series can relate to wanting to grow up to be like Goliath! David goes on to reveal his favorite most memorable moment from the series, and it’s a scene that took place in the episode “Awakening Part 2”:

"Oh, absolutely. There were several, but one of my very favorite moments is when Goliath is on top of the building and he says....well, he's not on top of a building, he's on top of a precipice...And he said, 'I've lost everything, even my revenge.'"

The line is actually, “I’ve been denied everything…” but it’s been a long time! You can watch the clip below if you want to revisit that moment.

The original Gargoyles series will be available to watch on Disney+ when it launches on November 12th. Maybe one day Disney will wise up and actually give us that live-action version that fans have been waiting for all these years.

Source: ComicBook

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