Kellan Lutz Is in Talks to Play He-Man in McG's MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE

It sounds like Sony Pictures is looking to move forward with McG's big screen adaptation of Masters of the Universe. The studio is currently meeting with actors to take on the role of He-Man, and one of those actors is Twilight and Hercules actor Kellan Lutz. He revealed the news himself with the following tweet over the weekend:

So this film is shaping up to be a disaster. Didn't anyone see his performance in Hercules?! Not only do they have a mediocre director helming the film, but now that director is looking at casting a mediocre actor to play one of the most iconic characters from the '80s. That's disheartening. I'm a huge fan of the He-Man franchise and want to see the character get the epic film he deserves. But the team of talent currently developing the film doesn't spark much confidence. I guess we can expect a mediocre Masters of the Universe movie.

Shortly after Lutz tweeted his little announcement some fan art surfaced in a reply that didn't help sell Lutz as He-Man in any way.

Back in 2008, I was really excited about the script that Justin Marks wrote for the film. It was called Greyskull and was described as The Lord of the Rings meets The Matrix, with a little Batman Begins, but that script has been scrapped.

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