Ken Jeong Sets out to Kill David Hasselhoff in New Comedy

Ken Jeong (The Hangover, Community) has signed on to star in a comedy currently known as Untitled Celebrity Death Pool. In it, he will play a nightclub owner who is in debt to a loan shark, so he sets out to win his long-running celebrity death pool by killing his chosen celebrity... David Hasselhoff.

What makes this even more awesome is the fact that Hasselhoff himself is also on board to co-star in the film. He's also producing it with WWE Studios President Michael Luisi and Hyde Park’s Amritraj, Michele Berk, Patrick Hughes, and Warren Zide.

If you didn't think this news could get any better, you are wrong, because Hulk Hogan also signed on for a role! This film seems like it will be full of cameos, but the actors mentioned here are the only ones that have been revealed so far.

The movie will be directed by Diary Of A Mad Black Woman helmer Darren Grant from a spec script by Peter Hoare. This sounds like it has potential to be a ridiculously entertaining movie.

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