Ken Marino Is Returning for VERONICA MARS Revival

Ken Marino played Vinnie Van Lowe in Veronica Mars, and it looks like he’ll be among the members of the cast returning for the series revival. The crazy thing is that the announcement happened a couple of weeks ago by Rob Thomas on Twitter to a random fan.

I’m a little surprised it took so long to gain traction, but since it was a response to a random fan, it makes some sense. Marino more recently talked about the situation with TV Guide and further confirmed that he was coming back:

Rob Thomas and I were talking about [The Other Two] and how much he likes this show, and I asked him, 'If you love it so much would you promote it,' and he was like, 'Absolutely.' So he put it out there and somebody asked him and he said that I am in it. So I think I can say I am in it. I hope so, I hope I'm not getting myself in trouble, but he said it on Twitter so — if it's on Twitter, it's out there. I might be showing up — cannot confirm or deny.

The Veronica Mars revival is set to premiere on Hulu sometime this year.

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