Kevin Costner's Classic Big-Budget Bomb WATERWORLD Gets The Honest Trailers Treatment

I’m sure you all remember Kevin Costner’s Waterworld! The movie had a budget of $175 million, which for its time in 1995, was an insane amount of money to spend on a film. It’s still is! The movie bombed at the box office with only making $88 million domestically.

The Mad Max on water concept just didn’t seem to connect with audiences and this latest edition of Honest Trailers hilariously points out all of the reasons why. This was definitely not Kevin Costner’s finest hour as an actor, but he sure is good with rope stuff!

I haven’t seen Waterworld in years, and this Honest Trailer is all I need to see of it to remind me that I don’t really have to watch the movie again.

Do you remember what was going through your head while you were watching Waterworld for the first time? If you don’t remember, this video will bring it all back to you.

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