Kevin Feige Discusses Infinity Gems in Marvel's Movie Universe

Spoiler alert!

The mid-credit's sequence for Thor: The Dark World featured Sif and Volstagg handing over an Infinity Gem to The Collector, who is a main character in the upcoming film, Guardians of the Galaxy. In a recent interview with CraveOnline, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige says that both the Tesseract and the Aether are Infinity Gems. When asked which gem they represent he revealed that they represent he revealed,

"I don’t know when we’ll actually divulge that necessarily, but it’s the Space stone."

So if the Tesseract is Space, that leaves us with the Soul, Time, Mind, Reality and Power stones. When asked if the gems would be the focus of Guardians of the Galaxy, or if it would play throughout the third Phase of Marvel's plan he said,

"Well the answer to the first question is both. It is both. And then, you know? Who knows? If they allow us to keep making movies, it will go a little bit further."

Of course Disney is going to allow Marvel to keep making movies! Why wouldn't they? They are bringing in so much freakin' money it's ridiculous. I have a feeling that these Marvel films are going to go on for a really freakin' long time. 

Click here to read the full interview where he talks more about Thor: The Dark World and several other elements of the Marvel cinematic universe.  

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