Kevin Feige Explains That Captain Marvel's Weaknesses Will Be Explored in Future Films

While Captain Marvel has been built up as the most powerful character in the MCU, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any weaknesses.

By the end of Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers was unleashing her full potential of power as she was flying through space, stoping nukes, and tearing through ships like they were paper. She seemed unstoppable! but don’t worry, she’s not unstoppable. She has weaknesses and those weaknesses will eventually be explored.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, recently talked to /Film about the character and how her incredible powers won’t be a problem for the future of the MCU. He explains:

“The point of this movie was to see her unleashed, unchained. What happens when she taps into her full potential not being held back. So it was not the time to hold back. It was not the time to, to emphasize limitations. We’d seen that over the course of the rest of the movie. We wanted to see her cut lose.”

As for the gift of immortality, no one in the MCU has that, even if they seem like they do. He goes on to explain:

“In future stories, well, none of the Marvel characters are immortal. Even ones that seem immortal, some people might be very hard to kill, but nobody’s un-killable. So if we’re lucky enough to see future adventures with Captain Marvel, of course there will be limitations and there will be Achilles heels and there will be things that we learn and see that it’s, it’s not as easy as a slicing through whatever she wants to at any point. But this wasn’t the time to accentuate that.”

So for those of you worried that Captain Marvel will be too perfect of a hero, don’t worry. In the end, when it comes to these Marvel movies, it’s just all about enjoying the ride!

Are you happy to learn that Captain Marvel will come with her own limitations and weaknesses?

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