Kevin Feige Hints AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Will Be "Final Chapter" For Some MCU Regulars

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe reaching well beyond that point of over-saturation, Kevin Feige is going on the record to say heroes will fall in Avengers: Infinity War.  When asked by JoBlo whether the film would be the last time we see certain heroes Feige said this:


No mincing words there! Honestly, it's a toss up who could fall in the encounter, but you'd have to think Chris Evans or Robert Downey Jr. is on the bubble here. RDJ, in particular, has had a long run with Disney and made crap-tons of money off his films so dropping him alone would alleviate a lot of their ensemble films budgets. Really though, I would imagine anyone is up for getting killed off with the exception being anyone in Guardians Of The Galaxy. Do you have a list of characters you'd be okay with dying in the MCU? 

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