Kevin Feige Looks Forward to Talking To Director Adam McKay About a SILVER SURFER Movie


Writer and director Adam McKay (Vice, The Big Short, Ant-Man and The Wasp) has expressed interest in the past about developing a Silver Surfer movie for Marvel Studios. In case you missed what he said, he explained:

"When I was in the fourth or 5th grade I got into Nova of all people, and I think they're kicking around a Nova idea now too. But Silver Surfer man, that's the one I want to do. I would do anything to do Silver Surfer because visually that would be just be...You could do what the Wachowskis did with Speed Racer, with the Silver Surfer."

A Speed Racer-style Silver Surfer movie? Well, I loved Speed Racer, so I’d totally be open to seeing what his big screen vision for Silver Surfer would be!

Last night during the Golden Globes, MTV asked Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige what he thought on the idea of Adam McKay making a Silver Surfer movie, and it seems like he’d love to talk to him about it! He said:

“I’ve not gotten a call, but I’ve seen Adam tonight and at a number of these awards and he is not only, as everybody knows, an incredibly smart guy, he is a honest to goodness fan. And, you know, he did a lot of sort of behind-the-scenes help with us on the first Ant-Man film, and have you seen Vice? Little cameo. Little Galactus cameo that we helped him get. So I look forward to speaking with him more.”

When we learned that Marvel would be getting the rights to all the Fox characters back, a lot of fans expressed their interest in seeing Marvel make a Silver Surfer movie. That could very well happen at some point in the future. If it does, what do you think about Adam McKay directing it?

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