Kevin Feige on the Possibility of Seeing Ronda Rousey as CAPTAIN MARVEL

There's been a lot of information about the Marvel Cinematic Universe coming from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige over the last week. Now we finally have an interview in which he is asked abut the possibility of seeing Ronda Rousey take of the lead role in Marvel's Captain MarvelIGN asked him how he feels about Rousey campaigning for the role, and he replied:

"I love it. That happens occasionally, and I think that's a testament more to the strength of the characters. Going back to my early days at Marvel, there were always various people campaigning to be Wolverine. I guess that was pre-Twitter and pre-Internet days, but still for some reason would pop up in Wizard Magazine. Wizard Magazine would always have 'this person wants to play this role!' It's a testament to how great the characters are that it appeals to such a wide range of talented, talented people." 

The big question on everyone's mind is, does Rousey actually have a chance to be cast in the role? We know that Marvel actually does look at fan suggestions, and this is what Feige said:

"You look at the ways we've cast our films in the past and it's always about who's the best person to inhabit the character, whether that is an actor like Chris Hemsworth who bulks up, or a wrestler like Dave Bautista who played Drax who ends up being an amazing performer, an amazing actor and a clever and witty and pointed comedic actor." 

He goes on to say that they haven't even really started meeting with actresses yet, but it sounds like they would be interested in sitting down with Rousey at some point to see if she's right for the part:

"For us, it's sitting down with people and starting to meet people and as the script takes shape and as we start to build who the character should be and finding the right person to match it up. We haven't necessarily started sitting down with people yet and meeting on that part." 

There's always a chance it could happen, but it doesn't sound like it's going to happen anytime soon. We'll just have to be patient and wait to see how it all plays out. I think it'd be great if Rousey ended up in the role, but if she doesn't, I know that Marvel will ultimately end up picking the right person for the job.

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