Kevin Feige Reveals One Little Thing From X-Men That He Wants to Bring To The Big Screen

We all know that the Marvel Studios President is thinking about all the awesome things he can do with the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises now that Marvel has the rights back. We don't know what those plans are yet, and it will probably be awhile before we find out. However, during a past interview with Maltin On Movies, Feige did reveal one thing from the X-Men comics that he wants to bring to the big screen and it involves Magneto. This is something he thought would be cool to do before Disney acquired Fox that he wanted to do in the original X-Men movies, but they wouldn't have been able to pull it off then. He said:

"In the comic books, there was this great panel at the time, where Magneto would use his magnetic powers to take a gun and split it into all its component parts. So it was an amazing drawing and I had it up on my desk. And I went, 'wouldn't it be cool to do that?' No. We couldn't do that. We had wires that lifted up a shotgun and turned it around."

He then added, "one day", and now it looks like that day is coming! A scene like that could easily be pulled off with today's technology, and it certainly would make for a cool visual. What are some little cool moments like this from the X-Men comic series that you'd like to see come to the big screen?

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