Kevin Feige Says That Upcoming Disney+ Marvel Shows Will Be Set in The Past, Present, and Future of the MCU


As you know, Marvel Studio is developing several TV projects that will include shows that revolve around LokiScarlet Witch & The Vision, and Bucky & The Falcon. There are also possible shows in development featuring Nick Fury, Rocket & Groot, and more.

All of the Marvel TV shows that have been made have been set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but they really haven’t been impacted by what is going on in the movies. They have just become more and more removed from the MCU. But that won’t be the case with these new shows.

According to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, these upcoming Disney+ shows will be set firmly in the MCU and they will be set during different time periods. He explains:

"These will be Marvel Studios productions. They will be entirely interwoven with both the current MCU, the past MCU, and the future of the MCU."

So, all of these shows will fit right in with what has been and will be going on on the big screen, which is pretty exciting! That pretty much makes these shows essential viewing.

I’m excited about seeing what these upcoming Marvel shows will offer the fans! It’s also just good to know that there will be Marvel shows that actually will be firmly set in the MCU.

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