Kevin Feige Shares How Marvel Convinced Sony To Let Them Use SPIDER-MAN

About a year removed from the entrance of Spider-Man into the MCU yet again, Kevin Feige is sharing with fans how it all went down. Feige tells a story that sounds more simple than it had to be, and talks (via THR) of telling Sony pictures Amy Pascal in her office what Marvel's intentions were for Spider-Man:

"It really came down to me telling Amy in her office that I think the best thing for this character is: Sony has the rights, that's not changing," Feige recalls. "Have Sony pay for the movie, distribute the movie, market the movie. Just let us make the movie and incorporate him into our universe."

Pascal would fall out of Sony after the 2014 hacking incident but the deal with Spider-Man would live on! Now we have a Spider-Man who is in the MCU, and for the first time in a long time, feels like the Spider-Man of the comics! Let's hope Spider-Man: Homecoming doesn't disappoint!

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