Kevin Feige Talks About The Leaked CAPTAIN MARVEL Costume Photo

A few weeks ago, we got our first look at Brie Larson in her Captain Marvel costume. If you haven’t seen it yet, go take a look. I’ll wait...

Are you back? Good. Well, you may notice that the suit she’s wearing is grey and green instead of the traditional red and yellow and blue. This inconsistency has set fans off in a bad way. The calmer fans have started theorizing what the colors could mean, with one of the prevailing theories being that the picture is a prototype suit before Carol Danvers’ costume is finalized. In a recent interview, Kevin Feige himself was asked about the picture and the coloring. Here’s his response:

If you want to film out in public — and Captain Marvel has a lot of scenes that will be shot on location — it’s gonna happen. Everything is filmed [by paparazzi] nowadays, so years ago, we decided, ‘If it’s gonna happen, let it happen.’ Most people are savvy enough to know they’re looking at a behind-the-scenes photo, completely out of context. So we don’t do things like rush photos. We released some concept art of her with different colors. People online have correctly identified what’s going on there.

There you have it. Looks like fans were on to something with it being an early version of her suit.

Source: CBM

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