Kevin Feige Teases More Films For Characters You Wouldn't Expect to See More Films For


According to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, there are certain characters in the MCU that they are not finished with telling stories for yet. The surprising thing is, some of these characters have already had three or four movies of their own. While talking to AP, he said:

"There are still things that are key elements to a lot of our characters in their comic incarnations that we haven’t even done yet for characters who have had three or four movies. It is an amazing wealth of creative material to pull from."

Does this mean that characters like Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor could still be open for more films in the next phase that Marvel is planning? It definitely sounds to me like Feige has plans to tell some more stories for these characters. After all, he specifically references characters who have already had three or four movies.

These are all characters that fans have predicted would eventually be killed over the course of these next two Avengers films, but maybe that won't be the case! Maybe they'll survive! Maybe the actors will all renew their contracts, and maybe we'll eventually see more films with Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor, which would be surprising and pretty awesome!

Who knows what Marvel is planning, but would you be happy if these characters actually did continue to get movies of their own? What other stories involving these characters would you like to see told on the big screen?

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