Kevin Hart Is Set to Remake Bill Murray’s SCROOGED

Another classic film from the ‘80s has fallen victim to the remake curse. Bill Murray’s hilarious Richard Donner-directed dark Christmas comedy Scrooged is getting a new film thanks to Kevin Hart.

Now, I’m a fan of Hart, the guy makes fun ass movies, and he does great stand up comedy work. He makes me laugh! But the original Scrooged film is perfect the way it is, and you really just can’t get any better than what Murray brought to that move. He was perfect in it.

Hart is set to produce the film and will most likely end up starring in it as well. The project is still in early development and as of right now there is now script or screenwriter attached. 

The movie is a modern-day retelling of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” and Murray played a greedy TV executive who meets with three ghosts in an effort to regain his Christmas spirit.

What do you all think about Kevin Hart remaking Scrooged?

Source: Variety

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