Kevin Smith Defends Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Origin Movie

I'm actually excited about this Joker original film that DC Entertainment is developing with director Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix. I've said before that I like that Warner Bros. and DC are actually trying something new and different and taking risks with their properties, whereas before, it seems like they were really trying to play it safe.

While on the Hollywood Babble-On podcast with co-host Ralph Garmen, Kevin Smith came in to defend the upcoming Joker movie saying.

"Think about it, there was a time in our lives where there were no Joker films, and no prospect of a Joker film. I’ll take ‘em. Here’s the thing, at the end of the day, I’ll see a trailer — I know me. Even if the trailer is terrible, even if the trailer is a minute of footage of them killing my mother in front of me, I’m sure I’ll be like, ‘Well, I’ll give it a shot when it comes out.’ I know I’m gonna fuckin’ watch this movie."

He goes on to compare the new DC film strategy to that of Fox’s with films like Deadpool and Logan. This strategy will allow the studio to take bigger risks, risks that will probably pay off for them in the end.

"I think what they’re doing is smart. This is a cheap movie, it’s $55 million. They’re not spending — $55 [million] for a comic book property? That’s very inexpensive. They’re going Logan model, which is keep it low-budget and make it more adult."

He then explains why the fans should be excited about the what WB is doing because of the experimental aspect of it and he makes a great point!

"They’re experimenting. You gotta applaud ‘em for this. Everyone’s always shitting on Warner Bros. going, ‘You’re fucking up your movies!’ And like, this is them trying a new direction where they’re like, ‘Look, obviously the extended universe stuff we’re having a problem with. How about we just go back to the old way, which we used to do, where we just fuckin’ take material, give it to a director, and say fuckin’ go, and we don’t worry about a fanbase and connecting the movies."

Exactly! This is why I think this new strategy for the DC films is good. But, Smith’s co-host, Ralph Garman, doesn't agree. He says, "you don’t make a Joker movie without Batman." I think you can, and if the creative team feels they have a good story to tell regarding the Joker without Batman, then why not tell that story!?

What do you all think about the comments that Smith made?

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